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  Mini-Project Report

Prof. Tafheem Khan

Department Of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering 

Guideline for project report for six semester students 



1)      Abstract (font size -14, bold) 

[It should contain summary of your project]  

Maximum 50 words, font size 12 

2)      TABLE OF CONTENTS- font size -14, bold 

It should be in following format

CHAPTER NO.        TITLE                                    PAGE NO.  

3)      Introduction (font size -14, bold)  

[It should contain introductory theory based on your project. Early stage developments, current scenario, and useful information regarding your project]  

(Not more than one pages font size-12). 

4)      Theoretical study (font size -14, bold)

[Circuit diagram,   working, applications, Component list, Layout,] 

Font size -12 

Paragraph headings– bold, font size -12 and paragraph content font size-12(not bold) 


5)      Result & Conclusion ( font size-14, bold) 


6)      References - font size -14, bold. 

Books & Journals  

Websites - complete address. (More than three) 

(The students should refer any standard books & Journals for writing references) 




Common general guidelines  

1.      Font - Times new Roman for all. 

2.      Page no-starts from introduction and should be at bottom center justified. 

3.      Abstract should be on single page. 

4.      Figures and Tables should have proper numbers. 

All figures should be center Aligned. 

5.      Submit your report in strip file (sliding folders)  

One group should use single colour file(Any Colour but same for all members) 

6.      Submit your project report(number of group member +1) on or before 31st march. 

7.      This format is common for section A and B students. 


1.   Thesis should be of minimum 15 pages and your thesis should not contain source code. 

       (source code should be in CD only) 


The soft copy of this guideline and first three pages as shown in sample on notice board is available in department with PROF. M. Tafhim Khan


Download Sample Report